Business Promotion

In today’s world, organizations and businesses need to have a constant source of new clients, partners and resources. This requires a well-designed and executed plan. Often, the organization does not have sufficient staff to execute the plan.

Paulette Zanotti Events considers this activity critical to your organization or business. I bring 33 years of diverse networking and offer tailored services to organizations and businesses. I have a large, diverse network in place.

Here is a brief summary of services provided by Paulette Zanotti Events.

  • Word of mouth referral networking

In our world of social media, word of mouth referrals are still the most effective networking tool. I help you create greater visibility through my network contacts. I help you create “exclusive referral networks and arrange one to one meetings designed to bring you and an opportunity together.

  • Resource linkage

Many new small, startup organizations are so busy getting established, their leadership lacks knowledge of available resources in the community which can eliminate “re-creating the wheel”. This, also, applies to established businesses. I identify those resources and connect you to them, thus saving you time and money. The process affords the opportunity to develop new partnerships.

  • Visibility through Special Events

Everyone has signage, promotional materials and uses social media. But, perhaps you want to make a bigger splash to get “your word out”. Why not have a special event be it small or large? Why not tie that special event to a particular charity or cause thus demonstrating your philanthropic commitment? This is a great way to gain visibility, credibility, connection with the community and the opportunity to do one to one networking. Paulette Zanotti Events specializes in creating special, creative, fun and profitable events. I have 15 years’ experience working with non-profits, organizations and businesses in creating their signature events. My expertise reduces your stress, anxiety and lost staff productivity. Contact me to explore the possibilities.