Life is full of events…make them Memorable.

Paulette Zanotti Events, LLC is a Pittsburgh based full service event company creating unique and memorable events. My events are YOUR events. I provide specialized services for all types of events whether the event was a long awaited scheduled event or that last minute unexpected event.

My experience allows me to know what decisions need to be made. Nothing falls through the cracks and there are no surprises. My relationships with vendors allow me to select the best vendors that meet your needs, personality, expectations and budget. I will suggest the most appropriate vendors and suppliers for every occasion. This is YOUR event and the final decisions are YOUR decisions.

Your event should be a celebration, not a job. My Day of Facilitation services are unmatched and allow you to spend time with your guests. You can feel confident that the event will run smoothly and be worry free. I provide you the opportunity to enjoy your event and celebration, not to worry and work your event!

You will always know what is going on every step of the way. I provide total transparency. Every decision will be your decision. I keep my clients completely informed throughout the entire planning process and event. I will make changes that you want along the way. My goal is for you to be a happy and satisfied client.

Please view my website and learn about all my services. Please contact me with any questions or to schedule a consultation.

10 Reasons to Hire an Event Planner

  1. You will save TIME.
  2. You will save MONEY.
  3. You will minimize your STRESS.
  4. You will have a GOOD LOOKING event.
  5. You will have GOOD PEOPLE doing GOOD WORK.
  6. Event Planners will assist in NEGOTIATIONS with vendors so you do not have to.
  7. Event Planners know WHAT TO DO.
  8. Event Planners know WHAT NOT TO DO.
  9. Event Planners allow you the time to DO YOUR WORK, not spend it planning the event. You do not want to do that anyhow!
  10. Event Planners allow you to ENJOY your event not WORK your event.

You want to go home thinking:  

  • That went very well.
  • We heard lots of compliments.
  • People seemed to really enjoy themselves.
  • I think we will do this again.


I guess it was a good idea to hire an event planner!!